Features of limping in early and late positions

Limping in poker can be justified in the early positions, only if you have strong starting hands, which include pairs of the highest denomination. However, one should pay close attention to the specific features of opponents’ game – if there are aggressors among the participants in the distribution, then it is worth it to limp.
You should keep in mind that not every such situation will bring success to the limper, since further bidding may follow one of two scenarios:
– The aggressor will respond with a raise. In such a situation, limping justifies itself, since it allows you to increase the size of the bank and pick it up before the showdown, making a raise after the aggressor raises before the flop.
– The aggressor calls the bet. Such a scenario does not suit the player who has entered the limp distribution, since the consequence of the absence of a raise from the aggressor is likely to be a multi-pot since at least the distribution will remain the big blind and even a few opponents. As a result, the value of the starting hand will decrease, which means that the struggle for the bank will continue only by gaining strength through the flop board.
Limping from an early position is justified to be used only with full confidence that he will be answered with a raise. At the same time, one should not forget about the frequency of use of the technique, since frequent limp will be predictable for opponents, and extremely rare may cause suspicion among them.
Features of limping in late position
The use of this technique justifies itself if all participants in earlier positions discarded their cards.
Other players in the blinds can play aggressively in response to a limp. Moreover, such actions will force opponents to assume the presence of a speculative hand at the limper in late position, so they will not be able to make an accurate opinion of whether the board on the Flop approached the player since he will be the last to bid in this case.

A thing to remember about limping is that for an experienced player, this technique is an additional opportunity to make a profit, but its use can do a disservice to an inexperienced one. Be careful and good luck!